Good food is life

Good Taste, Good Life

Good Taste, Good Ingredients

Good Taste,

Good Ingredients

From a small-home business heritage, YLF and its beloved brands have grown to touch the lives of consumers around the world each and every day. We will continue to be inspired by our founders’ entrepreneurship spirit fueled by creativity and a dedication for quality to provide good taste, good ingredients for all.

An Honest Beginning

Our story began in the late 80s where our founders, a husband-and-wife duo, started selling homemade egg rolls and pineapple tarts. Armed with positive responses they received from customers, some sales knowledge, and an optimistic view, they decided to expand the business and formed their very own food trading company, Yew Len Marketing Sdn Bhd.

Our Brands

Today, YLF has grown to become a popular household brand loved by many who want great tasting biscuits that are also good for them. Our biscuits are available in all major supermarkets nationwide as well as in many other countries in Asia, China, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.

Our Values


We aspire to create quality products that

satisfy taste buds.


We ensure every step of production is met with honesty and integrity for quality assurance.


We adhere to the highest standard of cleanliness and food safety to ensure consistent quality in our products.


We believe that continuous product innovation and differentiation are key to sustain business

success in YLF.


We are dedicated in enhancing the quality of human capital as the essence of management excellence.

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